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LUVISUN supplies, healthful foods and products for sustainable healthy life .

“Improves Quality  of Life, Enhances Happiness  ”


 Science says; some of the  pesticides are  most harmful chemicals to people’s health. Wild harvested foods are pestcide free and  more nutritious than conventionals. There is no harmful chemicals on organic foods.Threrefore we supply mostly wild harwested and organic foods for healthy life.


Due to special conditions like micro climate, soil properties at their geographical origin, some aggricultural products have superiour taste and quality. To supply best quality, we gave priority to supply such Protected Geographical İndication (PGI) and Destination of Origin (PDO) products.

Vital for Healthy Life

The Guality of Life mostly depends on our and our beloved ones health. Aslo we believe that, health and happiness are inextricably linked to each other. To improve our and our beloved ones health, therefore The Quality of our Life, we supply safe, natural, highly efficacious healthful products which are vital for healthy life.



LUVISUN’s LUVI THERAPY division, manufactures , suppllies, imports , distribute and exports safe, natural and highly efficous.healthful products which are vital for healthy life. EatClean, Ancient Seeds, Luvital and Theraphy Naturals branded heltful products make a real difference in people’s lives.

Please visit products pages to learn more and discover how our products can have an positive impact on your health.

Luvi Therapy Products


LUVISUN’S  LUVI GOURMET division, manufactures , suppllies, imports , distribute and exports safe, natural and highly delicious  healthful food & Aggricultural products. OriginFoods, World Wildlife Foods, Gourmet Oils, Gourmer Jams and Gourmet Herbs branded foods will bring you full pleasure in additon to their superiour health benefits.Please visit products pages to learn more and discover how they can change your life.

Luvi Gourmet Products








What Makes LUVISUN different ?

How can we enhance our and our belowed ones Quality of Life and Happiness ?

Scientific resarches shows us that; without having good health and living in healthy society;  success, become financially stable,  even be surrounded by loving friends and family are not quite enough for the Quality of Life and Happiness .


By supplying healthful foods and products for sustainable healthy life. LUVISUN  improves the Quality  of Life  and enhances the Happiness of people’s.

Highly Efficacious, Healthful Products

The human body possesses an enormous, astonishing, and persistent capacity to heal itself and maintain being healthy.

Diseases generally occur when we abuse our bodies or deprive them of basic requirements to keep us healthy over extended periods.

Clinical trials on human,  show us we can greatly improve our body’s powerful self-healing properties by eating some special healtfull foods..

LUVISUN, keeps up to date with scientific literature and supplies healthful and highly efficious foods and products in accordance to latest scientific researches to improve our bodies self healing properties.

You may read latest scientific research news on health from LUVISUN’s web portal EKOMAG.

Healthy Earth, Healthy Society, Healthy People

No matter you and your beloved ones reach higher Quality of Life, if some people or some concious animal suffer just behind you you can’t enjoy life as it should be.


Unfortnately ,today a lot of people and concious animals suffer from largely preventable causes like being deprived of  good health services, education and social support.


For the well beilng of entire society LUVISUN supports projets for social good.

Our core principles and values

It’s important that our people and everyone we deal with knows what we stand for. That’s why we have our core principles and values.


Our mission is to maximise  “ The Quality of Life and Happiness of the People” at the Global level.

“ Could it be better?” is the question we ask ourselves at all levels of our business

We never deal with things which may be harmfull for human bing and/or concious animals and/or earth

We work for better world.







International Bridge

At LUVISUN, we have a big vision; “to improve people’s Quality of Life and Enhance Happiness at Global level by distributing high quality healthful foods and products to the Global market”

Turkey is located at a unique position from the view point of plant diversity. Due to its great variety in geomorphology, topography and climate  Turkey has a large diversity of habitat. It is very rich in plant speices and endemism. As to say, even Europe’s land is 16 times bigger than Turkey,  more plant speices lives in Turkey’s land than Europe.

Among Those plants, Turkey is also motherland of some important plants like wheat, cherry, hazelnut, blueberry,  oregano, thyme,  fig, olives, etc… Wild ancestors of such plants still living at the wild naure of Turkey.


Also due to its exceptional climate, some plants like Ayvalik’s Olives , Arapgir’s Purple Basil,have exceptional properties among others , as to say they have double anti oxidants and/or higher nutricional benefits comparing others.


Clinical trials show us that such plants like, anti oxidant rich olive oil, oregano, thyme, basil, hazelnut, blueberries and non GMO wheats have vital importance for healthy living.


By supplying best quality exceptional  products from Turkey to the Global market, LUVISUN  builds an international bridge to make them available for international customers.